Become an Institute partner!

As ever greater numbers of students and families discover and participate in our programming, the Institute’s need for support grows.

Sponsorship opportunities are always available.

Please contact Executive Director Tracy Holliday at (717) 762-0373 or [email protected] to learn how you or your company can participate.

Leadership Gifts:

Today’s Horizon sponsors provide undesignated funds for general operating support:

The Nora Roberts Foundation  $50,000 Five-year gift

The John R. Hershey Jr. and Anna L. Hershey Family Foundation  $37,500 Five-year gift

Alma W. Oyer  $25,000 Five-year gift

APX Enclosures, Inc.  $15,000 Five-year gift

The Carolyn Terry Eddy Family: Carolyn, with daughters Connie Fleagle & Kim Larkin  $15,000 Five-year gift

Anonymous Donor  $25,000 Five-year gift


Faculty Development sponsors have made a five-year commitment:

Alma W. Oyer, $50,000 five-year gift  Faculty Chair [Director of Environmental Studies]

Mary’s Delight Farm–Leonora Rocca Bernheisel, $10,000 annual gift  Faculty Chair [Director of Cultural Studies]

Peggy McCleary, $5,000 annual gift  Faculty Chair [Director of the Four-Square Garden]

Peggy Weller, $4,000 annual gift  Executive Leadership Support

Sponsor Needed, $5,000 annual gift  Faculty Chair [Director of Textile Studies]


We are grateful to the following organizations and individuals that have provided funding support designated for specific programs or projects.

AgChoice Farm Credit   $250 for Von Gras zu Milch: Dairy Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans

Antietam EYE Associates   $1,000 for Rain Barrel Fundraiser

Linda Barkdoll, Realtor   $340 for Pumpkin Fest 

Bartlett Tree Experts   $500 for Trail of Trees

John & Debbie Beck   $250 for Summer Stories, $2,000 for Marvin Visits Earth

Michael Beck and Family, in memory of Denise Beck,  $2,000 for Royer Legacy

Steve & Maxine Beck   $600 for Nose to Nose With Nature

Jeanne & Mark Bintrim and Julia & Andrew Klein, in memory of Ellie and Joe Miller  $2,500 for Growing Clothes: Flax Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans

The Bolte Fund (C. Clint & Mary T. Bolte)—Vanguard Charitable Foundation $500 for Four Squares: The Pennsylvania German Garden

Otis and Carol Brown  $500 for Technology Support

Robert & Grace Brown   $500 for Annual Lecture Series

Buchanan Auto Park    $500 for Kite Fun Fly

Cermak Technologies, Inc.   $250 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Center Square Real Estate Settlement Services  $250 for Shakespeare in the Park (A Comedy of Errors)

CFAR/Waynesboro Running   $400 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Cornerstone Family Dentistry   $500 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Max Creager, in memory of Nancy Hess Creager   $250 for Summer Explore!

Greg & Debi Duffey, in memory of C. Alvin Henicle   $1,000 for From Field to Table

Eichholz Flowers   $100 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

FirstEnergy Foundation  $5,000 for Jazz Festival and $1,000 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

F&M Trust Company   $1,000 for Wake Up Earth, It’s Spring! and $1,000 for From Field to Table

Sandy Fisher, in memory of Harry Fisher $1,000 for Home Sweet Home

Stephen D. Fisher  $100 for Jazz Festival

Foreman’s Rare Coins   $150 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

Franklin County Rock & Mineral Club   $200 for Adult/Teen Education, Hands-on Workshop

Franklin County Visitors Bureau   $250 for Jazz Fest

Ghost Writer  $100 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

Jane Glenn   $250 for StoryWalk®

Melissa Graham Johns, in memory of Virginia Steck Graham   $500 for Discovering Wetlands

Melissa Graham Johns, Cassandra Cooper and Amanda Lowden   $500 in memory of Steve Graham for Chesapeake Bay Supper Clams

Grove-Bowersox Funeral Home   $1,500 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Hadley Farms Bakery, Inc.   $500 for Recycle/Reuse Yard Sale

The Hamilton Family Foundation, on behalf of Hamilton Nissan and Hamilton Hyundai, $1,000 for Jazz Festival

Donna & Tony Haugh   $250 for Faculty Inservice/Professional Development

Jay Heefner, in memory of Evelyn Heefner   $250 for Von Gras zu Milch: Dairy Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans

Pat Heefner, in memory of Jean Foster   $250 for Once Upon a Farm

Jay & Pat Heefner   $250 for WaterStriders

Kathy Helfrick   $250 for StoryWalk® at Pine Hill Recreation Area

Karen & Edmund Herald   $250 for Faculty Inservice/Professional Development

The Hershey Family Foundation   $500 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run, $1,000 for WaterStriders, $2,000 for Streamside Annual Report & Journal, and $7,500 for Today’s Horizon Fund

Johnson Controls, Inc.  $1,000 for Lifesavers of the Chesapeake Bay

John N. and Martha Dudley Keller  $250 for Shakespeare in the Park (A Comedy of Errors)

Keller, Keller Beck & Ross   $100 for Chesapeake Bay Supper, and $500 for Shakespeare in the Park (A Comedy of Errors)

Keller Stonebraker Insurance, on behalf of Craig, Friedly, Potter and Moore Insurance Agency   $1,000 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

Marge Kiersz   $2,000 for Adult/Teen Education Programs

Dennis L. Koons of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.   $250 for Streamside Annual Report & Journal

Land O’Lakes Foundation   $5,000 for Von Gras zu Milch: Dairy Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans

Doris R. Large, in memory of J. Warren & Jessie O. Large   $500 for Park Ranger Training Program, $500 for Earth Encounters

Martz Plumbing, Heating & AC   $1,000 for Streamside Annual Report & Journal

Mary’s Delight Farm–Leonora Rocca Bernheisel   $10,000 annual gift (5-year commitment) for Director of Cultural Studies Faculty Chair, $2,500 for Raising Clothes: Wool Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans, and $1,500 for Royer Legacy

Peggy McCleary   $5,000 annual gift (5-year commitment) for Faculty Chair, Director of the Four-Square Garden, $2,500 for Once Upon a Farm

M & T Charitable Foundation   $5,000 for New Garden Installation

William & Diane Nitterhouse Foundation   $1,000 for Once Upon a Farm

Noelker & Hull Associates, Inc.   $100 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

Alma W. Oyer   $50,000 (5-year gift) for Faculty Chair, Director of Environmental Studies

Patriot Federal Credit Union  $1,500 forYouth Festival

Mary Ann Payne, in memory of Helen Herr Moyer   $500 for Wonderwalks

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts   $2,000 for Jazz Festival

Lucinda D. Potter, CPA   $250 for Sydney’s Wonder Web, $250 for Streamside Annual Report & Journal, $250 for Earth Celebration Day, and $250 for Adult/Teen Education Programs

Bernie & Rosemarie Roberts Family, in memory of Harry D. Catts, Florence Gertrude & Richard G. McGowan, Sr., and Richard G. McGowan, Jr.  $2,000 for Earth Encounters

Jeff Rock   $250 for Lifesavers of the Chesapeake Bay

Rotary Club of Waynesboro   $1,500 for Wake Up Earth, It’s Spring!

Caroline Royer $200 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

Savage Family Pharmacy, Inc.   $100 for Chesapeake Bay Supper

SEK CPAs and Advisors   $250 for Adult/Teen Education Programs

Specialty Granules, Inc.   $2,500 for Sydney’s Wonder Web

Sterling Financial Management   $600 forSalamander Scramble 5K Run

Total Vac   $100 for Recycle/Reuse Yard Sale

Arlene Unger, ReMax Associates   $2,000 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Richard & Peggy Walsh   $500 for Faculty Inservice/Professional Development

Waynesboro Area Lioness Lions Club   $500 for Trail of Trees

Waynesboro Construction $250 for Trebuchet Sponsor/Pumpkin Festival 

Waynesboro Physical Therapy   $100 for Salamander Scramble 5K Run

Angela Grove Weagly in memory of Joyce Ceyler & Richard Ceyler   $1,500 for Earth Celebration Day

Younger Toyota  $500 for New Garden Installation