New Floor Installation, Spring 2023

Our headquarters building at the nature center is a beautiful 1970s-era Acorn house. With spacious rooms, large windows that let the outside in, and soaring natural wood ceilings, it makes a perfect administrative headquarters. The structure will eventually be expanded to create our new Welcome Center.

See the architectural rendering of the expansion here.

The upstairs—where administrative offices are now located—retained brightly colored carpets (not in good condition) from a previous owner. As shown in the photos below, taken by photographer Andy Smetzer, the old carpeting was worn and discolored. The space needed new floors.

Removal of old carpets and preparing for the new floors.

GRC General Contractor Inc. led the renovation of our second floor on an entirely pro-bono basis.

Installation of the new floor gets underway

The new upstairs floor was especially selected to be environmentally friendly as well as completely functional, durable and a beautiful addition to the space.

The tongue and groove floorboards are eastern white oak, provided at cost by k.d. woods company.

Milled in Clear Spring, Md., the wood was “live sawn”—a century-old technique that highlights the grain variations in each log.

Floors made of live-sawn lumber are both cost-effective and very environmentally friendly.

The floors were expertly installed and finished pro bono by Rod Hoffman of Rod’s Flooring.

Floors were finished with Rubio Monocoat—a linseed oil-based finish with zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) recognized internationally for its sustainability. It creates a durable finish that retains a natural look and feel.

For more details about the floors, the finish and about eastern white oak, see this informational flier. 

Our beautiful new floors