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Helping people to become stewards
of their natural and cultural worlds.

Welcome to the Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Studies.

Located in the beautiful ridge and valley region of south central Pennsylvania, Renfrew Institute helps people of all ages to connect with the natural world and with the rich cultural heritage of our region.

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School-aged programs

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Renfrew Institute provides a full range of environmental and cultural education within a beautiful setting. Our hands-on, experiential learning programs create meaningful encounters with nature and with history. Using the natural park areas and historic buildings on the property, our professional instructors ensure authentic learning and long-standing memories for students.

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Adult & teen experiences

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Adult and teens can enjoy Renfrew Institute, too! Among the many experiences offered, you can:

  • wade into the Antietam Creek and learn about its connection to the Chesapeake Bay, only two hours away;
  • fish if you wish, or join our water-monitoring team;
  • marvel at the beauty of the flax plant with its sky-blue flowers in May and rattling seedpods in July. Flax was the “cloth of the farm” for the early German settlers who made their homes here;
  • try your hand at a heritage craft and take home a new family treasure.
  • come along to view the night sky, listen for owls, or explore the geology of our mountains and valleys;
  • celebrate the Earth during Earth Celebration Day and Festival of Art in April, or let your spirits soar at our annual Kite Fly.
  • jump into an array of workshops and entertainment opportunities at the Youth Festival.
  • and when August rolls around, laze on the lawn and listen to world-class jazz on a Sunday afternoon.
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Please explore

Explore our website to find out more about what Renfrew Institute has to offer. Then come for a visit. We would love to meet you and share our stories about the natural wonders of our park and the people who walked this land and farmed its fields long ago. And please contact us if you have questions about our programs and events.

News & highlights

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Need help planning your experience?

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