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Renfrew Institute original logo
The Institute at Renfrew NEW LOGO

Same Institute, New Name!

We have exciting news—Renfrew Institute will celebrate its 30th birthday with a new name and logo!

Effective Monday, September 16, 2019, we’ll be known as:

The Institute at Renfrew

We’ll continue to provide the full array of programs and experiences you’ve come to know and love with a fresh identity!

Why a name change?

Have you ever been confused about “who does what” at Renfrew? We think many of you have been and we hope our new name will bring clarity to that question.

Renfrew Museum and Park brought benefactress Emma Nicodemus’s vision to fruition in 1975 when it opened its doors to the public, and where it continues to provide a world class destination where visitors can roam the trails, view treasured collections and walk back in time. Emma’s vision lives on!

Renfrew Institute was created in 1990 as a separate, independently functioning non-profit organization by Renfrew Museum and Park to serve the community with educational programs interpreting the natural world and cultural history on the 107-acre wooded farmstead known as Renfrew Park.

The institute has met that charge, growing over three decades into a regional educational hub serving people of all ages.

The story of two logos…

The institute’s original logo was designed by Renfrew Institute’s first executive director, James Smith. The woodcut flax stems represent the Pennsylvania German interpretive programs, encircled by a stylistic sun, representing interpretation of the natural environment. These symbols derived from the first two school programs developed by Renfrew Institute—Flax Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans and Green Energy.

The new logo, designed for us by local graphic artist Lesley Quesada, honors not only the origins of the organization, but also the original spirit of the founder’s logo. This new logo places The Institute at Renfrew, where it has successfully served the community for three decades and embarks on continued service into the decades ahead.

Our mission remains unchanged, illustrated by recurring elements in the logo. A yellow dot over the “i” in Institute symbolizes the sun, and a stylized flax leaf suggests the letter “r” for Renfrew, illustrating our ongoing charge of interpreting our natural and cultural worlds.

Two organizations, two missions, one community

Since 1990, two non-profit organizations have served the public at 1010 East Main Street, the Renfrew property. The two organizations enjoy a decades-long, uniquely wonderful partnership that allows each to focus on activities within their respective missions, without the responsibility of doing it all.

Renfrew Museum and Park provides an outstanding visitors’ experience on a site that features bucolic woodland and streamside trails and a centuries old Pennsylvania German farmstead—the perfect mix of history and nature just waiting to be explored.

Meanwhile, Renfrew Institute provides an ever-expanding array of educational offerings designed to invite wonder, inspire stewardship and unite people of all ages around shared experiences as they build connections to their natural and cultural worlds.

The public loves everything that happens at Renfrew!